Oak wall-mount with curved and hooked stainless steel rod


The oak wall-mount has a curved and hooked stainless steel rod.  The oak has been sanded and a wax-oil applied.  Two keyhole brackets are set into the wall-facing side of the oak.  They slide over two dome-headed screws to hold the oak close to the wall.  The stainless steel rod is held within the oak mount.    Two dome-headed screws will be supplied.  All the vessels and kittwake vases can be suspended from this.

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The oak is an offcut and has been sourced from my local hardwood sawmill.  I make the wood into a wallmount and form the stainless steel rod, which fits inside the oak.

The oak block measures approximately 12.5 cm x 2.5 cm.  Including the stainless steel rod approximately 27 cm x 22 cm.  Weight 0.2kg

The screws are fitted into a wall.  The keyhole brackets of the wall-mount slide over these and lock into place.  Clear instructions will be supplied to explain how to attach it to the wall.