Balanced-Earth has lived alongside me, undercover, gestating, for longer than any other of my creative work.  I have nurtured and refined my kinetic sculptures during shielding and covid-cautiousness, and they unite the many branches of my creative making history.  Balanced-Earth in their ability to interact, support living creatures and repurpose otherwise waste products, feel more in harmony with me and my life.


I have started to deliver and make plans for workshops.

For many years I was an environmental arts educator (Footprint Arts).  Working with local authorities, wildlife trusts and environment organisations to provide creative activities at events.  Also workshops in schools as part of art, design and technology subjects.

Kittiwake suspended vases made with brushed aluminium and stainless steel with three arrangements of flowers and foliage

My shop is now OPEN!

I am delighted to announce that my shop if open again.  I will continue to add further items.  Click on each image to be taken to the online shop category.  I have made all the items and they are each individual.

Linnet airplant settings with sea-sculpted brick, tiles and driftwood
Three Dotterel standing vases (large) with flowers and foliage
These earrings are from the Love Poetry range