Welcome to the Balanced-Earth shop

I have designed and made each Balanced-Earth item.  In the shop there are Kittiwakes, Merlins, a Cuckoo, a Skylark and some Curlews.  I decided to name them after birds on the British Trust for Ornithology red list.

My paperpulp recipe and making technique produces a strong and resilient vessel.  Each one has been made by gradually building the thickness and solidity with four layers of newspaper pulp, every layer is dried before the next can be added.  I use moulds, which I create from sculpted clay forms.  The warm grey colour of the vessels are due to the ink of the newspaper used to make the pulp.  I like the authenticity of this.

The vessels are given two coats of wax/oil inside and two coats on the outside.  They have a satin finish on the inside and a matt finish on the outside. The wax/oil seals the vessels and provides the microporous property, excess water evaporates through the walls.

My own planted vessels are placed in the frames to demonstrate how they may look with your own plant in the main photos.  Sufficient soil mix will be supplied with each empty vessel.  I’ve given the name of the plant in the item description.  Here is a link to other plant suggestions, https://balanced-earth.co.uk/succulents/

You may decide to build your plant-mobile over time and start with a single vessel, the Merlin.  I plan to add “extension sets” with a vessel, a frame and a stainless steel branch in the near future.

At the moment delivery is in the UK only, I will add other destinations.  There are online gift vouchers available too.

I can take commissions.  Happy to make something especially for you.  Our shop is new, I will continue to add items.  Please join my mailing list on the contact page to keep informed.

Best wishes,