Welcome to the Balanced-Earth shop

The Balanced-Earth plant-mobiles available in this shop each have the name of a bird on the BTO red list. There are choices of vessel frames and vessel sizes, when you click on one of these images.  The vessel frames are either aluminium bands and discs, CDs or nylon with spiralled wire (go to the Green Earth Balance page to find out about materials).  There are seven vessel sizes available, hand-made with our own paper-pulp recipe.  Light-weight, yet strong and resilient.  For each suspended plant-mobile there are two options: from a ceiling hook or curtain pole.   There are wall-mounted plant-mobiles.  The wall-mount is made from oak.

You may decide to build your plant-mobile over time and start with a single vessel. Frame & vessel plant-mobile extensions can be added in the future.

If any frame you have selected isn’t in stock then use the contact form to let us know.  We can make it and contact you when it is ready.  Prices include delivery in the UK.  There are online gift vouchers available too.

Seen a plant-mobile in the Gallery and can’t find it in the shop?  We can make to commission.  We’ve worked with many materials from our waste collection to make the frames for the vessels in our experimentations.  Our shop is new, so we’ve focused on limited materials for now.  Happy to make something especially for you.