Previous selected works – Community Arts

Over the past three decades, my creative journey has been characterised by an exploration of materiality leading to a commitment to environmental awareness, amidst personal health challenges.

My commitment to environmental education crystallised during a partnership project with Norfolk County Council, environmental scientists at the University of East Anglia informed my role as an arts educator. Collaborations with local authorities, wildlife trusts, and environmental organisations underscored my dedication to fostering eco-conscious creativity in communities.

I delivered workshops as “Footprint Arts”.

Karen Whiterod, April 2024

"Float like a Butterfly" workshop

Making giant butterflies to hang in trees using recycled materials with primary school pupils

Wearable art workshop with high school pupils

High School pupils using a range of methods, such as  cutting, piercing and pleating, to transform waste into radical wearable art.

Creative Partnerships sculpture project with waste materials

Two pupils making part of the beetle sculpture with recycled materials for their outdoor Forest Schools classroom space.

Footprint Arts "Skinny Fish" workshop at GreenBuild

“Skinny Fish” workshop at the North Norfolk District Council’s GreenBuild event, NT Felbrigg Hall. Making using waste plastics with other recycled materials.

"Fantasy Flora" workshop for Flower Festival

A whole range of different flora was created with waste plastic packaging and placed on the village green to publicise the Flower Festival of real flowers.  The Footprint Arts workshop took place with the Westleton WI group.

Beach clean and sculpture with Natural England

Natural England organised this workshop following a beach clean at Wells, Norfolk.  Sculptures were made from the waste plastics and other materials and suspended in the pine trees.  This was to focus attention on the enormous quantity of waste which pollutes our seas.

Hope Calling workshop

Making “word-sticks” from discarded power and communication cables. These came together to form the “Nest of Hope”.  I designed and co-ordinated this project.  The Norfolk Arts Project Fund and crowdfunding supported the Hope Calling Project.

The "word-sticks" made in the Hope Calling workshop

“Word-sticks” made from discarded power and communication cables in workshops. I brought these  together to create the Nest of Hope sculpture.  The Hope Calling project was designed and co-ordinated by myself with funding from the Norfolk Arts Project Fund and crowdfunding.