Suspended vessels with plants as mobile sculpture

Explanation of the Elements of the Kinetic Sculptures

The Balanced-Earth kinetic sculptures can be suspended or wall-mounted.  I have made forms with any number of vessels, the maximum has been eight… so far!  Really this is not the limit as it weighed less than 3 kg, the only constraint was the room size.  Commissions welcome.

Each vessel lifts out of it’s frame.  Every frame and vessel can be moved as they unhook from the stainless steel branch.  The ease of assembling the elements of the Balanced-Earth kinetic sculpture can enable creating an individual form.  Perhaps over time.  Starting with a single or pair of vessels in their frame, then adding another branch and framed vessel later.  When a plant grows and the balance alters, it’s position can be changed.  Care guidance for your plant and vessel here.

The sculpture will move freely.  A breeze through a window may move one vessel, this will move another and a chain of movement begins.

When naming the sculptures in 2020, I gave each the name of a bird on the BTO/RSPB red list as the species is globally threatened.  This reflects my concern about species decline due to environmental change.

There are Curlews too, which are free-standing.

About paper pulp vessels and recycled material frames

The vessels are made from paper pulp and other ingredients (read more). The recipe used produces rigid vessels which are “micro-porous”, water will evaporate through the wall of the vessel if not absorbed by the plant (like unglazed terracotta plant pots).

Each vessel has been made by gradually building the thickness and solidity with four layers of newspaper pulp, every layer is dried before the next can be added.  I use moulds, which I create from sculpted clay forms.  The warm grey colour of the vessels are due to the ink of the newspaper used to make the pulp.  I like the authenticity of this.  They are not designed to degrade like mass produced paper pulp pots.

The vessels are given two coats of wax/oil inside and two coats on the outside.  They have a satin finish on the inside and a matt finish on the outside. The wax/oil seals the vessels and provides the microporous property, excess water evaporates through the walls.

The vessels sit within frames.  These are circular and are either bands or discs. They are made from recycled and upcycled materials.  Each material has it’s story which is explained in Green Earth Balance (click on above link).

Trailing succulents and other houseplants

Balanced-Earth trailing succulents

The plants in the images of the Balanced-Earth mobiles are mostly trailing succulents or compact rather that ones which grow tall (these are most likely to over-balance).  Tradescantia and begonia trailing houseplants are looking good in our vessels.