Green CDs Kittiwake suspended vase


The Kittiwake suspended vase has a frame made with two CDs cut to a diametre of 3.8 cm with a stainless steel suspension handle attached.  The surface has a satin scratch-brushed finish.  This holds a large glass test-tube.  The Kittiwake vase can hold single stem flowers or a small bouquet of flowers.  It can be used to root cuttings or simply to hold beautiful dried seedheads.  It hangs from a 1 metre fine stainless steel wirerope.

Debit/credit card and PayPal payments are accepted.  Post and packing included.

The Kittiwake suspended vase has arisen as a delightful means to reduce waste still further.  I cut out the middle section of the discarded CDs and circles of aluminium, when making the frames for the paper-pulp vessels.  With two further cuts, this will hold the large glass test-tube.  This has become the Kittiwake vase.

The central glass vessel measures 2.7 mm outer diametre and 15 cm length.  The vase weighs no more than 200g. A fine stainless steel wirerope with a hook at each end is included.  This is attached to the suspension handle and will hang from a ceiling hook.  It can also be hung from a curtain pole.

If you are hanging from a curtain pole, please use the contact form to let me know, I will include a larger hook for this, instead of a smaller size.  Also let me know if you require a different length of stainless steel wirerope, I can provide a shorter section.  The hooks are made from the offcuts of the stainless steel branches of the mobile sculptures. This can be the foundation to a collection of these vases with different CDs frames and aluminium frames.  There is a photograph of a collection of three Kittiwake vases amongst the images.