Care Guidance

I recommend using cooled boiled water (distilled), I’ve always used this for my plants. There may not be an issue with tap water, but it could make a white limescale mark on the vessels, as can be seen on old terracotta planters. My guide on quantity of water is 30 ml for each plant once per week. This is approximately the quantity I give my plants at each watering.

Please water once each week, unless the plants are looking dry and shrivelled, then they may need watering more frequently, especially in hot weather.

A layer of perlite is in the base of the vessel. Then a 50:50 mix of perlite and John Innes no 2 has been used. There is a satin finish wax-oil used on the inside of the vessels, while a matt wax-oil is used on the exterior. When you wish to change your plant or empty your vessel, the inside can be wiped with a dampened cloth.