Skylark – trailing succulent planters mobile

Trailing succulent planters mobile with three resilient paper pulp vessels held in frames made from repurposed and recycled materials. There is a choice of two suspension methods: from a hook in the ceiling with a hooked stainless steel rod or from a curtain pole with a twisted stainless steel flexible rod. An eco-design, handmade for trailing succulents. UK delivery charge is included.



Every component of the plant-mobiles are handmade, they are also interchangeable. This means giving up-to-date stock levels can be tricky! If your choice is out-of-stock, please use the contact page to send a message. We can then prioritise your selection and let you know when it will be available in the online shop.
Three resilient paper pulp vessels held in frames made from repurposed and recycled materials. There is a choice of frames, these are:
- -aluminium band frame (hammered texture and copper rivets)
- aluminium disc frame (brushed pattern of circular marks)
- printed nylon offcuts & spiralled wire frame (recycled spiralled wire has a plastic coating, this can be in various colours)
- CDs frame (four CDs stacked together for rigidity). There is a choice of colour and finish for the CDs frame - silver or blue/silver, brushed-matt or shiny, please go to
The story of the materials can be found
The aluminium frames have been finished with microcrystalline wax to inhibit tarnish and watermarks.

There are two choices of suspension method: from a hook in the ceiling or from a curtain pole. The plant-mobile can be pulled forward and curtains tucked behind at the point where a pair of curtains meet, it can also be moved along curtain pole. A stainless steel rod with a hook at each end can be attached to the ceiling hook, this measures approximately 50 cm. A twisted stainless steel handmade "rope" measuring approximately 50cm when folded in half will hook over a curtain pole. One of these will be included. Extra stainless steel hooked rods are available in the Balanced-Earth shop if you require a greater drop for your plant-mobile from your hanging point: 50 cm, 25cm to add to your order

The vessels are handmade with four layers of paper pulp, allowed to dry between layers within purpose built moulds this makes a rigid form. Given two coats of wax/oil inside and outside, this seals the vessels and allows them to be microporous. On the outside of the vessels, the matt grey finish of the newsprint pulp remains. Choose from:
-large - 10 cm inner diametre x 10 cm length
-large-Long - 10 cm inner diametre x 11 cm length
-medium - 9.5 cm inner diametre x 11 cm length
-medium-long - 9 cm inner diametre x 12.5 cm length
-medium-short - 9 cm inner diametre x 9.5 cm length
The small vessels fit the CDS frame and aluminium disc frame, the two choices are:
-small - 7.5 cm inner diametre x 10.5 cm length
-small-long - 7.5 cm inner diametre x 11.5 cm length
The vessels are not perfectly symmetrical as the original form was handmade with clay from which the mould was made. We like our vessels like this and hope you do too. Please note, images for each variation will be based on the frames, however the size of the vessel in the image may differ from your selection. When this is the case, it will be indicated. There are images of each vessel size.

All materials (with the exception of the stainless steel) are recycled and upcycled, whilst care is taken in making, there may be fine marks in the materials (they've had a previous life), however we've judged that these in no way detract from the elegance of the Balanced-Earth plant-mobiles.

A sufficient quantity of soil mix for planting your succulent in your vessel will be provided. The cyanotis somaliensis and sedum morganianum burrito trailing succulents are not included. A list of the trailing succulent plants in our photographs can be found on

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Aluminium band, CDs frame & aluminium disc, aluminium band, CDs & nylon with spiralled wire, aluminium band, aluminium disc & nylon with spiralled wire


large, large-long & small, large, large-long & small-long, large, medium & small, large, medium & small-long, large, medium-short & small, large, medium-short & small-long, large, medium-long & small, large, medium-long & small-long, large-long, medium & small, large-long, medium & small-long, large-long, medium-short & small, large-long, medium-short & small-long, large-long, medium-long & small, large-long, medium-long & small-long, large, small & small-long, large-long, small & small-long, medium, small & small-long, medium-short, small & small-long, medium-long, small & small-long

Suspend with:

hooked stainless steel rod, twisted stainless steel wire rod