Merlin – handcrafted paper pulp planter mobile

Handcrafted paper pulp planter mobile.  A strong paper-pulp vessel held in a choice of frame made with repurposed and recycled materials.  Aluminium with a hammered texture and copper rivets or with printed nylon offcuts & hammered spiralled wire. There are two options: a hooked stainless steel rod for suspending from a ceiling hook or a twisted stainless steel flexible rod to loop over a curtain pole. An eco-design, handmade for trailing succulents.  An alternative wall-mounted version can be found here paper pulp planter

This can be a foundation planter mobile, more detail in the long description below.



Single resilient paper pulp vessel held in a band frame made from either repurposed aluminium with a hammered texture and copper rivets or with printed nylon offcuts & spiralled wire (further info about materials can be found
There are two choices of how this can be suspended, from a hook in the ceiling or from a curtain pole. A stainless steel rod with a hook at each end can be attached to the ceiling hook, this measures approximately 50 cm. A twisted stainless steel handmade "rope" measuring approximately 50cm when folded in half will hook over a curtain pole. One of these will be included. Extra stainless steel hooked rods are available in the Balanced-Earth shop if you require a greater drop for your plant-mobile from your hanging point: 50 cm, 25cm to add to your order

The vessel has been built up with four layers of newspaper pulp within purpose built moulds, each layer is dried before the next can be added. To complete, the vessel is given two coats of wax/oil inside and two coats on the outside. This seals the vessel and provides the microporous property. On the outside of the vessels, the matt finish of the paper pulp remains. Choose Large - 10 cm inner diametre x 10 cm length or Large-Long - 10 cm inner diametre x 11 cm length

A sufficient quantity of soil mix for planting your succulent in your vessel will be provided. The cyanotis somaliensis trailing succulent is not included. A list of the trailing succulent plants in our photographs can be found on

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Nylon band, Aluminium band


Large, Large-long

Suspend with:

hooked stainless steel rod, twisted stainless steel wire rod