Merlin – foundation plant-mobile with beehive wire frame

This beehive wire frame is probably my most decorative.  It sits like a halo around the vessel.  It’s shadow is amazing.  With it’s rounded base, the vessel is designed to be suspended.  A stainless steel suspension handle is attached to the frame.  This is placed on the hook of the 1 metre fine stainless steel wirerope.

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The beehive wire frame has been made using wire removed from beehive supers.  It is given to me by a friend when their beehives are refreshed in the Spring.  I try to retain the glorious tangledness of the wire, while weaving it to create the shape and make it strong.  I also remove the stickiness from honey and wax, I did consider leaving it as an indication of its origins but thought this would be unpleasant!

The inner diametre of the vessel is 9.5 cm and the length is 11 cm.  The vessel rests in the frame and can be lifted out to enable planting.   The planted weight is approximately 250g.  The planted vessel, in the image, is my own with a succulent called, crassula marginata variegata.  Here is a link to other plant suggestions,

A fine stainless steel wirerope with a hook at each end is included.  This is attached to the suspension handle and will hang from a ceiling hook.  It can also be hung from a curtain pole.  If you are hanging from a curtain pole, please use the contact form to let me know, I will include a larger hook for this, instead of a smaller size.  I make these from the offcuts of the stainless steel branches of the mobile sculptures.

An oak wall-mount can be used to display this vessel as shown in one of the photographs.  The oak wall-mount has a curved stainless steel rod with a 50 cm wirerope.   Here is a link to the oak wall-mount page

This can be the foundation vessel and other vessels with different frames can be joined to this to create a kinetic mobile sculpture with plants as shown on in the gallery.  I will add options for this to the shop, for now there is a photograph of a nylon frame, vessel and stainless steel branch to indicate what I will make available.

The stories of the materials I am using can be found