Dyed nylon pendant – purple & orange


A Karen Whiterod nylon purple and orange earring refabricated into a pendant with a hook and loop fastening.  Through the 90s I was a jewellery-designer maker.  This is from a pair of earrings, part of my first range of jewellery using nylon and gold-leaf  (the dots).  I resist-dyed the segment and made it three-dimensional by forming into aluminium.  Then it has been rivetted to hold the form.

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Through the 90s I was a jewellery-designer maker working with nylon. This pendant is made from a pair of earrings in my dip-dyed range.  Each nylon segment is held so part in submerged in the dye bath while the other part is outside, by constant gentle movement, no hard colour line is formed. This dying technique combined with the fine matt surface gives a similar appearance to frosted glass.

The shape was made three-dimensional by forming into aluminium, then rivetted with brass wire to hold the form. The glass-bead blasting process is similar to sand blasting but much finer.

The nylon offcuts are used to make one of my vessel frames.  Other frames are made using  aluminium sheet remaining from making the forming tools for my jewellery.