Dotterel vase with beach finds (small)


The Dotterel vase is created with a curving spiral of stainless steel rod holding a glass vessel balanced above a composition of driftwood and sea-sculpted brick. The vessel can be removed by rotating and lifting from the spiral. The arrangement of flowers and foliage appears to float above the base.

Height is 24 cm, width 10 cm and depth 6 cm. The weight is 100g.

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In making the Dotterel vases, I hope to provide a “setting” for flowers and foliage (dried or fresh). They can aid self-expression in creating arrangements. I have enjoyed including twisting stems of wisteria and ivy from my garden with houseplant leaves and seasonal flowers. When I’m readying myself for a photographic session, I collect on my daily walk, selecting for texture, colour and shape, perhaps cones, berries, lichen-covered twigs, buds…,  they can aid that connection to nature.  Cuttings can be propagated, it is delightful to see those roots appearing, which will make new plants.

Glass vessel height 10 cm x 1.6 cm diametre

The Norfolk coast is being eroded with sea-level rise and extreme weather.  Bricks and tiles, from homes and gardens, evidence of this tragedy, are found on my local beaches. The pieces of driftwood are collected from Suffolk beaches. They are dried and cleaned. There is no other surface treatment.
I enjoy making these, working out how to create balance, while making a pleasing composition. Each one being individual as the bricks have been tumbled in the sea and take their own form.  The same has happened with the driftwood, although this started as an organic, natural material.

May having a dotterel vase encourage your creative collecting as you take a walk outside.

A single vase looks elegant, while a group has even greater impact!